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added support for your company 

Every organization has ideas about the way it wants to market and distribute its product. You know your clients, their preferences, and their backgrounds, so we leave those areas to you. But for areas where you’d like a helping hand, we’re here to be part of your team and help you achieve your objectives and goals.

Gone are the days where you need to know everything yourself. Instead, it’s important to know where to find what you need. We’re authorities on linking people and services together, packaging your product perfectly.

Our “white label” services will be tailored to your organization, incorporating your unique selling proposition (USP) and ensuring features of your program are uniquely yours. 

scope & depth 

tailored solutions

If you need assistance in some areas but want to control other areas yourself, we support that!
We’re happy to step in to the extent you desire.

We can help you formulate a unique selling proposition that sets your product apart from others. 
We’re also always available to help in emergencies,. We can provide expert assistance when high or low water requires a ship swap, alternative accommodations, last-minute transportation, and even hosts and Cruise Director assistants who make sure everything is coordinated for a professional and smooth delivery of your product under extreme circumstances.

In our services section, check out our wide range of solutions, including: 

  • ship construction
  • chartering
  • fleet deployment
  • nautical itinerary planning
  • docking position scheduling
  • onboard hospitality
  • sailing schedules with 
    departures and ETAs
  • land services & excursions
  • in-destination offerings
  • land accommodations
  • special events & feasts
  • onboard and onshore entertainment
  • logistics
  • marketing assistance


service that fits your brand & product

In today’s challenging business climate, it’s vital to have service that’s entirely you, so we never deliver one-size-fits-all solutions. Your brand is unique, and we work hard to gain a deep understanding of who your guests are and what they expect from you. That way, we can provide support that is spot on!

We guarantee full confidentiality for products and features we create for you. This commitment builds relationships that last longer than just one season.


what does it cost?

First of all, we never quote to individuals. Our services are presented on a company level only, and our minimum numbers are larger groups with special interests.

Beyond that, there’s no set menu of prices. It all depends on the custom package designed for you. In some cases, it may be best for you if we charge a fee and provide services at cost. In other cases, we’re prepared to share some risk and work on a per-passenger fee, or, if you prefer, we can cost in our services. Just know that there’s tremendous cost savings in the way we do things, and you benefit from work synergies and outsourcing that never compromise individuality of services.

The bottom line: we view this as a partnership, and we’re happy to let you set the ground rules!