we’re there to…

  • counsel
  • advise
  • suggest
  • plan
  • double-check
  • train
  • operate
  • produce
  • deliver

ship building

Our full-service package ensures you build an easy-to-operate vessel that is ideal for your clients, can operate where you want, and can be financed.

We assist in planning, construction, delivery, and inauguration. We can even operate your new ship if you wish!

  • profiling needs & requirements
  • creation of catalogue of requirements with priorities
  • technical planning / construction assistance
  • propulsion assessment
  • investment advice support
  • selection of shipyard
  • negotiation support
  • building supervision & protocols
  • milestone reporting & construction progress follow-up
  • intervention management
  • change management during construction process
  • interior design assistance
  •  ceremonies / maiden voyages…
  • equipment selection
  • trial run participation
  • independent technical approval for due diligence
  • claim list handling & supervision
  • preparation of ownership transfer
  • christenings / naming

chartering a vessel

If you want to charter, our network can procure the right vessel with all features your clients desire, at the right time of the season and for a fair price. 

  • profiling customer needs in terms of capacity, technical specifications
  • vessel research
  • evaluation of standard
  • technical specifications & maintenance standards
  • cabin category assessment

  • comfort level
  • vessel’s features that can be used as USPs
  • match & selection
  • itinerary profile suitability – areas / rivers of operation
  • charter duration (start / e nd / seasonal requirements)

Nothing is more annoying than having a ship that doesn’t meet the standard of the rest of the fleet. We can help you develop a fleet of vessels of a similar or equal standard. We also can pair the ideal ships to your itineraries, as each vessel and building type has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll have a balanced deployment that reduces risks in case of extreme water situations.


  • number of vessels
  • fleet development / reduction
  • capacity planning
  • generation transition


  • vessel / fleet deployment
  • river specifications
  • docking specifications
  • scheduled maintenance restrictions
  • required minimum days of operation
  • presence at events & festivals
  • capacity reporting


Long before you sign a charter contract, we can help you adjust the nautical itinerary to match the possibilities. And even during nautical contingencies – such as low- and high-water, strikes, navigational restrictions, and accidents – we can develop and/or conduct contingency plans.

nautical itinerary

  • profiling product needs in terms of sailing experience
  • defining scenic daylight sailing stretches
  • recommending destinations / defining times in destination
  • creating combined / back-to-back / one-time itineraries
  • planning departure times / ETAs as basis for charter contract
  • lock times
  • time reserves
  • speed adherence
  • special features
  • deviation / outdock planning
  • nautical team working hours assessment
  • alternative proposals 

 nautical contingencies

  • stand-by service before / during operation for nautical contingencies
  • monitoring low- / high-water situations
  • monitoring progress / obstacles and keeping charterer informed
  • preparing alternative sailing schedules / contingency discussion
  • modifying sailing schedules according to changed circumstances
  • managing nautical accidents

The amount of time consumed in the simple definition of hospitality details can be overwhelming. When we set up your customer profile, we propose an onboard service blueprint that you can use when negotiating a price for chartering a vessel.
onboard hospitality services

  • profiling product service needs in terms of onboard guest experience
  • defining required service levels and standards
  • creating catalogue of services for charter contracts
  • exclusion of services not needed
  • consolidating budgets
  • planning / revising / approving menu cycle
  • defining onboard food / planning alternative options (healthy / special diet…)
  • defining beverage offer with meals / cocktail menu / bar snacks
  • defining specialty dinners / food & wine/beer pairings…
  • buffets


  • defining housekeeping / linen change / turn-down service
  • bathroom amenities
  • decorations / flowers / pillow gifts
  • laundry services
  • bottled water / bathrobes / slippers…


When it comes to onboard entertainment, it’s often better to provide fewer but better experiences that leave guests with positive memories…and take it easy on your budget.

  • profiling product service needs in terms of onboard guest experience
  • onboard musician (one-man band) / deejays / show acts
  • classical / jazz / pop / rock / lounge music / folklore groups
  • dance bands for special events, including arrival / departure / transportation logistics
  • lectures & discussions / tastings / classes / game shows
  • presenters (book club…)

 health & safety

Another area you need to contend with is health and safety. We can help you create a workable plan that exercises due diligence, keeps guests and staff safe, and helps protect you in the event of viral outbreaks and global pandemics.

  • procedures for traveling with COVID / pandemic restrictions
  • health and hygiene protocols for viral outbreaks
  • support for hospitalized guests

 consistency everywhere

We can extend your marketing messages and corporate identity throughout the ship, down to the smallest details, and even to your suppliers. 

  • consulting / designing / providing branded crew uniforms
  • consulting / designing / providing branded pillow gifts
  • consulting / designing / providing branded merchandise to sell in the onboard shop
  • consulting / designing / providing branded giveaways (maps / pens…)
  • organizing onboard corporate events such as the unveiling of the upcoming brochure
  • consulting / creating entertainment events such as sundowners


cruise director
The onboard host is an underrated position, yet is your frontline business card. We ensure you are well represented.

cruise director / program manager

  • selecting & training
  • pre-cruise briefing
  • creating service manual
  • hotline & sales support (optional excursions / future cruises…)
  • sales support cruise assistance 

external cruise director / program manager

  • selection to complement customer profile
  • training on values and functions of the charterer
  • pre-cruise briefing
  • creation of service manual
  • exercising control and direct leadership / onboard intervention
  • multilingual professional & theme cruise specialist
  • sales support (optional excursions / future cruises…)

 incident management

In a crisis, we can bring in the experts, ensuring you shine above the competition and your guests are tended flawlessly.

  • qualified assistant cruise director to help with larger groups / hosts…
  • last-minute replacements / incident intervention

You know what you want to offer, and we’re there to advise and help you balance your itinerary perfectly. Wading through everything a destination offers is daunting, but tapping into the right elements generates revenue for your company and for local businesses. To create a program that hits on all cylinders is our specialty! 


  • assessing destination importance / highlighting value regarding market requests
  • profiling guest desires for itinerary’s best destination mix
  • prioritizing destinations for promotion purpose & quality rating
  • assessing general destination offer

land programs

  • land-based venue & site offering
  • DMC network / certification of DMCs and products
  • safety concepts / health & hygiene assessments
  • selecting land program portfolio
  • planning land programs as integral part of the experience
  • setting up new land programs according to needs of the markets


  • packaging land programs
  • developing optional excursions offer
  • recommending leisure activities
  • planning timings
  • budgeting / calculating costs
  • providing multilingual hosts / reps / guides
  • providing state-of-the-art motorcoaches / vehicles 

special interests & events (MICE)

Sub-charters can book a good portion your allotment, and our one-stop shop can help you tailor special features for sub-charter requests. 

  • highlighting features for special occasions
  • planning / costing / operating teambuilding / reward / accolade events
  • meetings onboard / onshore
  • encounters with local specialists / experts
  • spouse / partner programs
  • scouting venues & creating catering proposals
  • entertainment
  • technical support
  • once-in-a-life-time elements
  • private events / openings / backstage encounters / behind-the-scenes tours
  • organizing and handling fam / scouting trips
  • handling VIPs / executives

    celebration packages
    We also help you create special memories for guests celebrating weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other big moments. Guests who experience unforgettable milestones aboard will be your best ambassadors!

    • personalized experiences
    • onboard or onshore events celebrating special occasions

    • once-in-a-life-time elements
    • event planners

    arrival services
    Imagine holding your guest’s hand from the moment they leave home until the time they return there. Guidance and support like that provide an effortless and worry-free experience for them – and a faithful, repeat customer for you! When it comes to logistics, we’re there to help.

    meet & greet services

    • personalized airport / train station / hotel meet & greet services
    • dispatching
    • luggage handling
    • airport transfers
    • lounge access packages
    • hospitality desks / airport hosts
    • VIP & limousine services

    lost luggage

    • tracking luggage
    • delivery logistics to unify owner & property on a moving vessel
    • administration handling
    • shopping assistance & emergency kits
    • luggage repair / replacement 

    departure service

    • check-in assistance
    • transfers
    • airport reps

    technical tools
    Mobile phones are widely used and all age groups know how to work them. We can provide the underlying software and apps for you to make sure that you get a direct contact to your guests and keep them connected to your brand and services prior, during and after the cruise…

    mobile app

    • Information (destination / sites / venues)
    • tracking device (lost passenger)
    • orienteering (fastest way to vessel / site)
    • public transportation assistance
    • ship locator
    • highlight pointer
    • emergency communication device
    • travel assistant (flight – ship – ground transportation)
    • push notification function
    • guiding device
    • receiver device for local host commentary
    • translation assistance
    • quality questionnaire
    • marketing device
    • social media features
    • panic button
    • information device on-board features (menus, program, daily schedules)
    • order device (bar / sundeck / onboard shop)
    • QR code reader for storytelling
    • on-board account check
    • booking tool for land programs…


    We know the best ways to sell your product, and can create compelling text, photographic, and marketing support materials. And when it comes to transferring the collateral on board your ships or finding a place to store it, leave the details to us! 

    support materials

    • photographic & video assets by drone & traditional photo shoots
    • maps
    • developing / designing / producing / distributing printed materials
    • developing / designing / producing crew support material
    • developing / designing / producing / distributing crew uniforms
    • developing / designing / producing / distributing merchandising & branded items


    • printed materials
    • F&B items
    • nautical materials
    • hospitality support materials
    • stock control
    • sustainable discharge



    • just-in-time delivery
    • user-friendly ordering tools
    • tracking tools

    sales support
    We can even support you at road shows and trade fairs, and with agency presentations. We bring in the experts trained at closing the deal, so guests understand the benefits of traveling with you…and look forward to doing it!


    • identifying image / footage needs – production
    • creating compelling descriptions and sales texts
    • developing brand-specific USPs
    • industry comparisons
    • training marketing and sales teams (BDMs)
    • expertise representation


    • brochure production
    • flyers
    • presentations
    • website support
    • banners / beach flags


    product packaging
    Being in the limelight isn’t our goal…that’s where you belong. Our role is behind-the-scenes assistance that makes your product and its operation appeal to existing and potential guests.

    product creation

    • packaging product according to agreements / guidelines /
    • brand requirements / CI
    • working exclusively on B2B level


    • delivering a finalized product ready for marketing / distribution
    • booking engines
    • content 

    product delivery

    • various levels of support, from consultancy recommendations to full operation on your behalf
    • sustainability at all levels


    If the unthinkable happens, we’re there to assist as needed

    single passenger incidents

    • managing the passenger in case of hospitalization
    • managing the situation
    • managing the partner / spouse
    • managing accommodations
    • managing repatriation
    • handling allowances

    multi-passenger incidents

    • diffusing potential conflicts
    • managing passengers (groups)
    • crisis management
    • psychological support / trauma counselling


    crisis & emergencies
    During emergencies, we can provide you with the right specialists who are skilled in crisis management, media relations, and sheltering and communicating with guests during times of turmoil.

    • Cruise Director briefings & preparation
    • letters and information to passengers
    • sales compensation
    • diffusing assistance / offer
    • trauma counsellors


    alternatives & assistance

    • crisis intervention
    • last-minute resources (coaches / hosts / assistants)
    • clear, understandable guest-focused plans / modification of plans
    • directing suppliers (where / how to pick up & drop off)
    • logbook conduct
    • agreement / confirmation of compensation strategy
    • operating modified programs
    • high-caliber assistance to CrD (administration / hosting / relief)